Welcome to the The United States of Hetalia! Wiki (Currently Under Construction)

This wiki is to keep track of information regarding Hetalia Fan Characters (OC's) based on the United States, Canadian Provinces and Territories belonging to both Countries. The main Indian (Native American) Nations will also be personified. The fanworks that are associated with these profiles have yet to be created and will only be releasted/created once the vast majority of the site is finished and character designs/facts have been finalized.

DO NOT STEAL MY CHARACTERS. It's one thing if you've done your research and come to similar conclusions as me or even decide "Hey, I never thought of them that way before! Makes sense!" and incorporate it into your own perspective, but I have discovered people who have literally copy and pasted from these pages. I work VERY HARD looking up the cultural and historical facts that go into these characters and I am not amused by people stealing from me and pretending they did it themselves. Because of this I am currently planning on taking down the entire wiki once I have resolved a few of these issues and reported the offenders for plaigerism.

Actual editing of Characters/Wiki is only to be done by Administrators. Commentary, corrections or suggestions are allowed through commenting and forum usage (Providing I can figure out how to use the forum correctly...)

In Progress...

-Gathering basic information on Indian Nations

-Character notes (PreBiography) added as inspiration strikes

-Biography/Information organization for Southeastern and Northeastern States

-Character Designs


The characters described here are not canon to Hetalia: Axis Powers and are entirely fan created. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

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